User Experience

Envisioning the experiences that delight your customers.

McorpCX | Persona helps drive compelling User Experience Design

A great user experience design leads to greater user satisfaction, adoption, usage and advocacy of your product or service. You only get so many changes to impress your users with a great experience, and McorpCX | Persona helps you in your quest to deliver the best possible user experience the first time.

UX Designers rely heavily on personas as a design tool because it helps them focus and share the critical wants and needs of your users resulting in better, more targeted designs.

McorpCX | Persona helps provide the clarity throughout the user experience design process – understanding your target users and what’s important to them. Guiding and informing the user experience design from a customer-centric point of view.

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Design for experiences.

Too often, teams try to move quickly but don't think about the user’s wants and needs. In user experience design, it’s critical to help the team think about and deeply imbed the user experience from the user’s perspective and the goals they aspire to achieve with your product.

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Avoid self-referential design.

Sometimes it's difficult for others to understand how or why a certain design or pattern is the right one for your customers. Trace your decision-making back to persona data and be confident that your team knowledge will transcend individual opinions or assumptions.

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Address known pain points.

Every pain point is an opportunity for you to create a better UX. Take what you know and pay it forward with McorpCX | Persona to help others understand pain points and how your designs are addressing user pain.

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Empower application developers.

Help your developers think more like users of the solutions they are building. Increase user empathy across all stages of the development lifecycle. Use your personas to influence and align your team before, during, and after every project.

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