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Delivering solutions that help your customers achieve their goals.

McorpCX | Persona ignites a focus on solution design with the customer in mind

Delivering great technology solutions – whether for external customers or internal employees – is more than designing a pretty user interface. Understanding the broader customer needs, their expectations as they do business with your company or transact inside the org, how seamlessly the solution integrates with other required solutions, and your customer/employee emotional and functional requirements all play a role in determining whether a technology solution is a hero.

Technology solution design is a complex art that requires a deep introspective of people, process, information and technology. At the heart of effective technology solution design is an understanding of the people it is intended to serve. Personas are the perfect place to start as doing so simplifies and narrows the focus on the target audience and their unique wants, needs and expectations.

McorpCX | Persona helps provide the focus on the people aspect of technology solution design by grounding the team with a common understanding of who the solution is intended to serve and the wants, needs and expectations the solution is intended to satisfy.

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Customer-centered design.

It’s easy for technologists to think about the technology, the information or even the process before considering who the solution is intended to serve. McorpCX | Persona enables your solution design team to align on what matters most – the customer of the solution.

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Unleash creative innovation.

With a shared and deeper understanding of the customer’s wants, needs and expectations, solution architects and developers are empowered to offer creative insights to exceed customer expectations by unleashing innovation in ways that customers may have never envisioned on their own.

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Focus on design priorities.

Getting distracted by one-off requests for new features, or capabilities that aren’t aligned with customer requirements are certain to take solution design off track. Stay focused on what’s most important to the customer with McorpCX | Persona.

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Build buy-in and consensus.

Tackling large technology solution projects is difficult enough. Doing do without a deep understanding of the audience it’s intended to serve and problems it’s intended to solve is a recipe for certain failure. McorpCX | Persona helps align key stakeholders on the most critical elements of successful solutions delivery – the customer.

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