Marketing Strategy

Clarify your key audiences and create messaging that lands.

McorpCX | Persona enables targeting the right customer with the right message

At its core, marketing strategy is about reaching the right customer with the right message – a message that delivers a compelling value proposition that captures the attention of someone that wasn’t a customer of yours already or that makes an existing customer proud to say they are a patron of your product or service. But how do you put yourself in a position to really understand your customer’s wants, needs and expectations so that you can deliver the right message? More importantly, how do you align the organization around a common understanding of the customers your organization serves so that your marketing strategy has the highest impact possible?

To increase the likelihood of a marketing strategy’s success, basing your marketing strategy on personas is a proven best practice by industry leaders.

McorpCX | Persona helps you create and manage the personas that are the heart of your marketing strategy and serve as the foundation for the messaging that gets delivered to attract and retain the kinds of customers that are most important to achieving your business goals.

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Accelerate your marketing strategy.

Your business success relies on a targeted marketing strategy producing messages that not only align with your brand strategy, but also resonate with your target customers. McorpCX | Persona accelerates the development of marketing strategy by enabling you to easily inventory and share these critical customer attributes – attributes that are imperative to delivering against your marketing vision.

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Align your marketing messages.

How do you define your marketing messaging today? Inside-out, or outside-in? McorpCX | Persona allows you to take an outside-in approach and quickly define and visualize each of your target customer’s goals, pain points and requirements and craft the messaging that addresses the unique needs of each.

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Unify your marketing approach.

In larger organizations, marketing messages can become fragmented as different teams try to address the unique needs of the customers their product or division strives to attract. McorpCX|Persona provides a platform to unify your marketing strategy and messaging around a core set of personas that are critical to your businesses success.

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Empower creativity, enforce consistency.

The use of personas enables marketing stakeholders throughout the organization to execute consistently against customer needs and expectations while employing creativity in delivery. McorpCX | Persona enables creative minds to do what they do best while aligning messaging to customers the business seeks to attract.

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