Easily create personas to better understand the customers you serve.

McorpCX | Persona will enable a more targeted customer engagement and inspire team collaboration on the journey to delivering differentiated customer experiences.

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McorpCX | Persona helps teams create better customer experiences.

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CX Professionals
For people on your team who obsess over delivering amazing customer experiences.
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UX Professionals
For people on your team who design the customer experiences that matter most.
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For people on your team who have to communicate effectively with your customers.
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IT Professionals
For operations teams looking to increase the customer-centricity in delivery.
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About McorpCX | Persona

After nearly 15 years providing industry-leading customer experience practices based on personas, we've created a framework that facilitates creating, managing, and sharing information that describes your customers in ways everyone in the organization can understand and act on to deliver better, more engaging customer experiences.

Our Framework

Each of these building blocks help you tell the real story of your customers as you strive to deliver a superior customer experience.

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Customer Goals

Frame what success looks like for your customers.

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Customer Pain Points

Keep track of pain points you hear from you customers.

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Customer Wants & Needs

Capture what motivates your customers.

Advanced Persona Management for Customer-Centric Companies.

McorpCX | Persona helps your team maximize the impact of your personas.

Create and share personas.

Having a library of personas that reflect the customers you serve, their wants, needs and expectations, helps drive deeper customer understanding and keeps the organization aligned on delivering against these expectations in a collaborative way.

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Organize qualitative research and data.

Incorporate the information that you know about your customers to share with the organization. Persona helps you organize your customer research with ultimate flexibility. Add meaningful data to each persona based on what you today, and improve or subtract as you learn more about your customers, their wants, needs and expectations.

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Prioritize insights and gather heat.

Persona enables your team to highlight the critical-path for the personas that represent the customers you serve, and gather heat from stakeholders. When you can help your organization better understand what matters most to your customers, you can work together more effectively to deliver it. When customer needs or demands change, you can quickly reprioritize so that everyone stays aligned in delivering against these new expectations.

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Map personas to customer journeys.

Showing which personas traverse various customer journeys, and their experience in those journeys, helps your team stay aligned and aware. From executives, to managers, to individual contributors, everyone will understand who matters most and how their work impacts the customer journey.

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Create PDF's for printing and sharing.

While online collaboration on personas is great, sometimes there is a need to share printed output. McorpCX | Persona incorporates the ability to easily produce beautiful 11x17 PDF of any persona for physical handouts, office posters, or slides. You'll achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity without any design talent.

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What You'll Achieve

McorpCX | Persona will deliver great results for your business.

Deeper customer understanding.

Build a deeper, shared understanding of customer needs.

Greater customer empathy.

Boost empathy and awareness to eliminate blindspots.

Customer centricity.

Drive your organization to become more customer-centric.

Collaborative design.

Engage stakeholders in the refinement of your customer personas.

Better customer experiences.

Hit the bullseye more often with your customer experience designs.

Organization alignment.

Align the organization in delivering great experiences.

Clearer design priorities.

Hit the bullseye more often with your customer experience designs.

Customer-first mindset.

Anticipate unmet customer needs to deliver new innovations.

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