Easily create personas for your customer journey maps.

Persona will energize your design process and inspire new team collaboration as you work to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

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Persona helps teams create better customer experiences.

Add new empathy into your design workflows and journey mapping with

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About Our Personas

After a year of interviews and testing, we created a persona framework that is action-oriented, collaborative, and easy to maintain to help your agile team drive forward with new clarity and confidence.

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Pain Points

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Each of these building blocks help you tell the real story of your end users as you strive to deliver a superior customer experience.

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Advanced persona capabilities for design-centric companies.

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Persona Personas

Create personas in one platform.

You need to keep your personas together in one place so they can be discovered and socialized efficiently. Eliminate persona fragmentation, improve discoverability, and empower teams with new design capabilities.

Organize qualitative research and data.

Depending on what you know and how you wish to socialize it, Persona helps you organize your user research with ultimate flexibility. Add data points to each persona type based on what you know today, and improve or subtract as you go. You'll be able to watch your personas evolve over time as you iterate with your team.

Persona Insights

Persona Building Blocks

Prioritize insights and gather heat.

Persona enables your team to highlight the critical path for each persona and gather heat from your stakeholders. When you can help your team understand what matters most, you can work together more effectively to deliver it. When priorities change, you can quickly reprioritize so that everyone stays aligned and moving towards the right goals.

Map personas to projects.

Showing which personas are being utilized in projects or releases helps your team stay aligned and aware. From executives, to managers, to individual contributors, everyone will understand who matters most.

Persona Projects

Persona Exports

Export personas in 1 click.

Persona eliminates 99.9% of your design burden with a powerful export engine capable of spitting out personas in an instant! You can instantly export a beautiful 11x17 PDF of any persona for physical handouts, office posters, or slides. You'll achieve new levels of persona productivity without any design talent.

All your personas, any device, anywhere.

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Mcorpcx Cloud

Persona makes your life easier.

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Persona management simplified.

Personas shouldn't be rocket science or cost you a fortune to create. No matter what type of personas you need, we've got you covered.

You can create a single source of persona truth for your entire company to utilize in product or service design with Persona.

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Greater user empathy.

Boost empathy and awareness to eliminate blindspots.

Better product designs.

Hit the bullseye more often with your product designs.

Less half-baked features.

Stop building features that don't land.

Faster new-hire onboarding.

Get your FTEs and contract resources moving faster.

Happier stakeholders.

Translate your stakeholder guidance into action.

More energizing dialogue.

Get assumptions out into the open and validate them.

Clearer release priorities.

Prioritize what matters and socialize it quickly.

Greater team agility.

Anticipate unmet needs before they become problems.

What Others Are Saying...

Persona resources to inspire, motivate, and drive your team.

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Want some 1:1 coaching?

We'd love to help you create a few personas for your release or project in a live setting to show you how easy it is to use Persona.

In as little as 45 minutes, we'll be able to coach you and build out a few personas together that are specific to your current work.

Schedule A Demo + Persona Coaching